minitool micro precision products

micro precision products

MICRO INSTRUMENTS FOR APPLICATION IN MICROSCOPIC SCIENCES Minitool is a manufacturer and distributor of a line of high quality precision tools and instruments for microscopic investigation and applications

Small Precision Tools

Technician Set

Technician Set

Contains eight tool tips with integrated, color-coded handles which are light-weight, non-rolling and well balanced.  Overall tool length is approximately 127mm (5").  Tip size is 0.8mm (.030").  Tip material is oil-hardened tool steel, nickel plated.  Set contains Straight Micro- Prober, 30 degree Micro-Prober, 90 degree Micro-Prober, Micro-Chisel, Micro-Knife, Micro-Graver, Micro-Diamond Scribe and Micro Measuring Scale.


Tinitool Kit
Tinitool Kit

Consists of three different tools:   Straight Scriber with sharp tip, Sharp Triangular Scraper, Bent Prober with  Sharp tip - all with integrated hexagonal aluminum handles.  Tip material is hardened steel, nickel plated.  Tip size is 0.8mm by 25mm long.  Overall length of tools is approximately 140mm (5.5")

TINITOOL KIT    Cat.#030-2
Needle Probe Set
Needle Probe Set

Includes 1 lightweight precision handle and 4 interchangeable tools.  Applications include manipulating, scribing, spring assembly and probing.  The handle is finely balanced non-rolling gold anodized with split collet and knurled lock nut.  Length is 120 mm (4.7"). Precision forged and ground tools are hardened and nickel plated tool steel with sharp tips.


Micro Probe Handles and Interchangeable Micro Probe Tips For Electrical Testing

Micro Probe Handles and Interchangeable Micro Probe Tips For Electrical Testing SINGLE PROBE HANDLE (standard banana plug)

Cat.# MPH- 1B (black termination)
Cat.# MPH- 1R (red termination)

MICRO PROBE TIP-straight, hardened steel, .5mm dia. Cat.#MPT-01SS
MICRO PROBE TIP-bent, hardened steel, .5mm dia.
Cat.# MPT-01BS
MICRO PROBE TIP-straight, tungsten, .5mm dia Cat.# MPT-02ST
MICRO PROBE TIP-bent, tungsten, .5mm dia
Cat.# MPT-02BT
Sapphire Burnishing Tool
Sapphire Burnishing Tool
Out-performs any stone for finest burnishing

The new Sapphire burnishing tool SBT-120 is indispensable for delicate burnishing of fine instrument parts such as miniature pivot points, shafting, probes etc.  Materials can be hard steel, carbide, glass and ceramics.  May also be used for deburring of soft and hard materials.

The precision ground Sapphire (ground on all 5 exposed surfaces) is mounted in a non-rolling (won't roll off bench) hexagonal gold anodized aluminum holder.  It is sold in a plastic storing and shipping container, one tool per container.

Material:   Ground Sapphire
Sapphire Dimensions:   1.5mm x 2.3mm x 14mm Exposed Sapphire, (.06" x .09" .56").
Mounting Material:   Structural Epoxy
Overall Length:   120mm (4.75")
Miniature Measuring Scales
Miniature Measuring Scales These unique measuring scales may be used directly under a microscope or magnifier for speedy measuring of small parts, grooves, slots, line widths, holes, chamfers etc.  Precision fabricated from stainless steel, the scales are spot welded to bendable stainless steel shafts and mounted in gold colored, non-rolling handles.  Each scale is individually packaged in a plastic enclosure.  Overall length of scales is 83mm (3.25").

Cat.# 026 (.200 INCH)
Cat.# 027 (5 MM)
Cat.# 029 (10 MM)

MINISCALE Cat.#026 calibrat. to .005" (.200" range)
MINISCALE Cat.#027 calibrat. to .1mm (5mm range)
MINISCALE Cat.#029 calibrat. to .1mm (10mm range)

Optical Fiber Cleaving Tools
Optical Fiber Cleaving Tools These precision hand held instruments can be used for scoring and cleaving of all types of optical fiber.

MT-74 Retractable Diamond cleaver is retained in a quality metal casing with pocket clasp.  Ground and polished natural diamond had 90 degree included angle with a relief angle of 30 degrees.

MT-76 Retractable Sapphire Cleaver is retained in a quality metal pen type casing with pocket clasp. Ground and polished natural sapphire wedge with a 60 degree included angle.

MT-77 Carbide cleaver is made from a solid carbide rod.  It has two angled sides which intersect into very sharp cutting edge of about 4 mm in length.  A third angle is lapped on the very tip to prevent breakage.  Carbide is mounted into a non- rolling hexagon shaped anodized aluminum holder.


MT-74   1.5 mm x   3.0 mm overall 133 mm long
MT-76   2.0 mm x   3.0 mm overall 133 mm long 
MT-77   2.0 mm x 10.0 mm overall 120 mm long

Cat.# MT-74 Diamond Cleaver
Cat.# MT-76 Sapphire Cleaver
Cat.# MT-77 Carbide Cleaver

Precision Stainless Steel Tubing
Precision Stainless Steel Tubing

Uses include support and connector ferrules for optical fiber, wire feeding, fluid mechanics, miniature tool holding and fine instrument work.  Standard length is 30mm (1.2").  Outside diameter is 1.5 mm.  Hole sizes from .10mm to 1.2 mm dia. Available with single or double entrance funnel.  Please ask for special information sheet on stainless tubing showing sizes, tolerances and prices.

Hole sizes as small as .100mm (.0039")
300:  1 length to hole diameter ratio

100um Bore
130um Bore
140um Bore
150um Bore
160um Bore
180um Bore
200um Bore
300um Bore
400um Bore
500um Bore

600um Bore
700um Bore
800um Bore
900um Bore
1000um Bore
1100um Bore
1200um Bore


Instrument features extra-delicate tips for general precision work - 100mm (4.0") in length, tips - .5mm wide
Smooth Jaws - MF-01-SM      Serrated Jaws - MF-01-SD

 Especially Designed for Precise Manipulation in areas of limited access.  Extra Delicate.
Smooth Jaws - MF-02-SM      Serrated Jaws - MF-02-SD

Design insures optimum visibility in precision microscopic work.  Extra delicate....
Smooth Jaws
- MF-03-SM      Serrated Jaws - MF-03-SD

Excellent instrument especially designed for general use, long, tapered shank, extra sharp tips.  118mm (4.6") in length 

Combines features of MTW-5 with added strength.  Broad, tapered shank, extra sharp tips.  107mm (4.2") in length.

Designed for optimal visibility under microscope.  Narrow beveled shank, extra sharp tips.  107mm (4.2") in length.

Precision instrument for maximum mobility in areas where obstructions prevent access to object.  Curved shank, extra sharp tips.  100mm (4.3") in length. 

Micro Scissors
Minitool micro scissors and instruments are manufactured to the most exacting specifications.  All instruments are hand crafted, from the finest surgical stainless steel, fully guaranteed and priced competitively.  All our micro scissors are made by our affiliate in Germany.

Micro Scissors MT2-1020 10cm

Vannas Cataract Curved MT2-1026 8cm, curved

Wecker Scissors Blunt Curved MT2-1140 11cm, blunt curved

Troutman Mikro Corneal Right MT2-1010 10cm, right curved

Noyes Iridectomy Scissors-Pointed T2-1150 11cm, pointed

Troutman Micro MT2-1015 10cm, left curved

Barraquer Cornea Scissors w/lock MT2-1145 11cm, with lock

Katzin Micro Corneal Transplant Scissors MT2-1030 10cm, right curved

Troutman Castroviejo Corneal Scissors Left w/lock MT2-1165 11cm, left, with lock

Micro Scissors Right Curved MT2-1051 10cm, light curved

Micro Scissors Straight-16cm MT4-1540

Micro Scissors Strong Curve Blunt MT2-1060 10cm, blunt, curved

Micro Scissors Curved 16cm MT4-1541

Micro Scissors Angles On Flat MT2-1065 10cm, angled on flat

Micro Scissors w/Round Handles MT4-1545 14cm, curved round handles

Castroviejo Anterior Synection Scissors MT2-1110 11cm

Micro Scissors Bayonet Shaped Straight MT8-1532

Castroviejo Corneal Scissors Angled on Edge MT2-1135 9cm, angled on edge

Castroviejo Corneal Section-Left MT2-1120 11cm

Micro Scissors Bayonet Shaped Curved MT8-1534 / lock & smooth carbide jaws

Extended Reach Micro Ruler, Scissors, Forceps and Mirror.

Micro Ruler MT-151-R

Micro Ruler w/ Autoclave MT-151-RA

Micro Scissors MT-10D-320

Micro Forceps MT-10D-920

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